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You know that is filled with tools, information and resources, but where do you start?

Many people find the
 Rethinking Retirement Life Planning Profile is the best place to start.  This 90 question assessment covers all six key life arenas as well as your job, which is the unofficial "seventh" key life arena for many.

Your profile results will indicate in which areas you have the most room for improvement.  While some will want to work on all areas that indicate room for improvement, others will want to simply concentrate on one of the Key Life Arenas at a time.  The choice is totally up to you.

When you have identified which arena(s) you would like more information on, simply go to the Resources tab and slide down to Articles and Information.  From here, find the subsection that deals with that life arena.  There you should be able to find articles, information and exercises  on:

• Career & Work.  This section contains a number of articles and exercises to help you discover a career you truly enjoy.  If you have to work, why not do something you love?

• Fulfilling Purpose.  Many of us sleep walk through our days, not really feeling passionate about anything.  This section contains articles, exercises and information to help you discover meaning and purpose.

• Financial Maturity.  One of the great myths of our day is that more money means fewer headaches and less stress.  It's not about how much money you have, it's about how you handle and treat the money that you do have.  This section provides tips, tools and information about how to create a healthy attitude and perspective about money in your life.

• Personal Development.  Philosophers have long extolled the wisdom of "Know thyself."  This section helps you identify your values and provides exercises and information to help you better understand what makes you tick.

• Family and Social Relationships. Our greatest joys and sorrows come from our relationships with others.    This section provides insights on how to make the most of your relationships.

• Health and Wellness.
  It's not just the quantity of years, it's the quality of those years.  This section provides no-nonsense information to maintain your physical health and mental acuity.

• Leisure and Lifestyle.  Have you been working so much you've forgotten what you like to do for fun?  Our
Interests and Activities Exercise helps you rediscover forgotten hobbies or those things you've always wanted to do but never got around to. 

We'd also like to hear your opinions regarding the issues of the day. Check out our Surveys to cast your vote on various topics and see how your opinions compare with others. And, since Rethinking Retirement Life Planning is about creating richer and fuller lives, check out our Life List Top Ten and Create Your Own Life List. 

Finally, we currently offer a full menu of live presentations, workshops and seminars along with consulting and coaching services that can be tailored to your organization.  A full description of these presentations can be found under the Speakers tab. 

Should you want even more personalized assistance, we maintain a list of qualified and ICF certified Life Coaches with a wide variety of specialties. These coaches maintain independent practices and are not affiliated with the Rethinking Retirement Institute, but are available for professional coaching relationships. If you would like a list of these coaches, or would simply like more information, please Contact Us. We will forward a list of coaches to you for you to follow up and contact them. We will NOT forward your name to anyone. 

Please understand there are no simple answers for many of the issues each of us may deal with in our personal lives. Further, many of the answers we seek can often only be found internally within ourselves, and not from any external source. For most people, the tools and exercises presented here are sufficient to generate thought that will move you forward in your quest. Others, however, may need professional assistance, counseling or therapy.   None of the tools, exercises or resources presented on this site are intended to take the place of professional services in any given field or industry. It is up to you as the user of this site and as the author of your life to determine when professional assistance is needed. The Rethinking Retirement Life Planning Profile is not a psychological assessment, health assessment or financial planning tool. 


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"How confident do you feel about your own retirement?"

The Six Key Life Arenas

Extensive research has been done in the past decade in an attempt to define and determine just what it takes to be happy, content and fulfilled. While there is no one, single answer, experts have identified six different "life arenas" within which all the variables within our lives will fall...

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