Rethinking Retirement  

Discovery Exercises

The following exercises are tools you can use to help you discover your life purpose.

  1.  Marcia Bench's Authentic Vocation™ "Discover Your Life Purpose" Worksheet. As the founder of Career Coach Institute, Marcia has developed a number of exercises to help individuals discover and secure their ideal job. (The complete Authentic Vocation™ model can be found under the Career & Work section of this Resource tab.) This worksheet asks 10 questions that reveal clues which when viewed collectively help the reader to identify and define their life purpose. Click here.
  1. Brain Dump. Discovering your life purpose is a very individual exercise – no one can provide the answer but you.  The “Brain Dump” exercise is a great way to get what’s hidden in your heart out into the open. Simply take a clean notebook or sit down at your computer with a word processing program and write “What is my True Life Purpose?” at the top.  Then begin writing answers – any answers – that come to mind.  Like a brainstorming session, don’t evaluate your answers as being good or bad, just keep writing until you begin to “feel” you’re getting close.  You’ll know your close by the chill that runs down your spine when you get something good.  The key is don’t give up.  Often after a few minutes we run dry on ideas and sit staring at a mostly blank screen.  Power through this and continue writing.  Eventually a statement will appear that resonates with your core.  You’ll know you have it when your mind, your heart and every fiber of your being is aligned to the purpose on the page and no trace of doubt remains.
  1. What Do You Really Want Out of Life? This exercise is based on George Kinder's (founder of the Kinder Institute) work in the field of Financial Life Planning. Click here.


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"How many things on your "life list" have you accomplished?"

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