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About Rethinking Retirement is a service of theRethinking Retirement Institute, a Colorado-based company that studies and consults on the social and personal financial trends impacting career and retirement.

In the U.S. and around the world, our views of career and retirement are changing - with both enormous impact and opportunity.  At the Rethinking Retirement Institute, we study the many business, social and cultural implications to bring you insightful information you can use to better meet the needs of your customers, employees and your organization.

 Consider the following…

  • Over the next five years, over 50% of US Government workers will be eligible to retire. Similar numbers exist in numerous industries including aerospace, oil and gas, health care, manufacturing, and others. With job satisfaction low and pension in hand, many companies will see an exodus of their most talented and valuable employees.
  • Retirement no longer represents the end of our productive lives. 86% of age 50+ large company employees expect to continue to work in retirement, 55% of whom expect to be in an entirely new field or industry. This re-shuffling of the workforce not only re-defines what it means to be retired, but will also re-define workplace, benefits and compensation practices.   
  • While leading edge Baby Boomers are entering the waning stages of the "Golden Age of Retirement", middle- and second-half boomers, becoming known as "Generation Jones" remain woefully unprepared to financially support themselves in retirement.  With fewer pensions, limited savings and longer to wait to reach their Social Security "Full Retirement Age," many of the "Jones'ers" will be working longer because they have to, not because the want to.


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