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Click for video of Keith at TEDxCSU Keith J. Weber, CFP®, CPRC, is a speaker, author and founder of the Rethinking Retirement Institute which focuses on providing retirement education, training and research for both consumers and the financial services industry. Keith has been in the financial services industry for over 24 years as a nationally recognized financial advisor and is the author of Rethinking Retirement - How to Create the Life You Want Without Waiting to Retire. During his planning career, Keith watched hundreds of clients struggle with daily disillusionment with their jobs while in pursuit of the retirement dream, only to see them continue to struggle with the lifestyle transition shortly after retiring. Keith now speaks and writes frequently on the emotional and psychological factors that create quality of life at any age and has been featured in USAToday,, and several other major media outlets.

Keith maintains the CFP® designation and is also a Certified Professional Retirement Coach. He is a frequent contributor to Bank Investment Consultant magazine, and is author of the Rethinking Retirement blog on

Watch Keith's 2012 TEDxCSU talk here.

Get Keith's 5280 Grid here.

 View Keith's Presentation on "The Psychology of Retirement" here.




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It’s been said the financial markets don’t like uncertainty. But one thing that is certain is that with the market declines of the past decade or so many people have seen their planned retirement dates pushed further and further into the future...

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