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Lifestyle Change - A while back, I viewed the documentary Super Size Me. The film attempted to dramatize how the fast food industry is partly responsible for our current obesity epidemic. One line in the movie went something like this: “We can’t look to government to force McDonalds to modify their menu. But, if enough people demanded a change, McDonalds would put out a new, healthier menu overnight.”  Click here to read more.

Exercise and Stress - The other day while snowshoeing, I rounded a bend on the trail and—whoa!—there in front of me was a herd of 20 deer, including two bucks with huge sets of antlers. Now I know what you’re thinking: Big deal, Mr. Health and Fitness meets Bambi and friends. So what? I guess that’s what I would have thought before, too. However, being alone in the mountains with no other option but to proceed past the herd gave me some pause. What if the bucks became overly protective of their harem? I wouldn’t stand a chance against those antlers.  Click here to read more.

Can’t Cure Heart Disease? - There is a terrorist in America who claimed 685,089 lives back in 2003 alone. This was more than cancer, auto accidents, and the number of American lives lost in 9/11 combined. The terrorist is still running loose, too. But this terrorist is not of the human kind. It’s heart disease. And though its overall numbers have declined slightly in recent years—largely because fewer people are smoking—it’s still causing widespread destruction today.  Click here to read more.

Helping Heal Yourself - Western psychologists and physicians are finally realizing what a powerful influence the mind has over physical illness. We know that a healthy African or Australian tribesman will die within a few days, when he learns that the witch doctor of his tribe has put a "death curse" upon him. His life can also be saved when he is told that the "spell" has been broken. The power of our own beliefs about physical illness cannot be underestimated.  Click here to read more.

Perceiving Growing Older - Have you ever observed an athlete over the course of his or her career who, after retiring from competition, gained a good amount of weight and became quite obviously out of shape? One day, you might have noticed a photo in the newspaper and remarked, “I can’t believe that’s the same person.”  But does it have to be this way? Click here to read more.

An Eastern Perspective - Until very recently in history, doctors in China were paid only to keep their patients well. In other words, if a patient became sick while under the care of a doctor, that doctor was required to treat the patient throughout the course of their illness, for free. While at first this may seem a trivial piece of information, deeper consideration reveals not only critical implications for the possibilities of medicine, but some key differences between Eastern and Western medical philosophies. Click here to read more.

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