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Authentic Vocation™ - Created by Marcia Bench, Founder of the Career Coach Institute, the Authentic Vocation™ model helps you discover and define your ideal job. This article leads the individual through a series of exercises that explore everything from Life Purpose to personal motivators and interests. Click here to read more.


Career Versus Job – What are you aiming for? - Recently a woman in her 50s said to me, "I don\'t know if I\'ve ever had a career...just jobs. What\'s the difference?" As a career counselor, I should have had an answer at the tip of my tongue, but I didn\'t. I percolated on it for a few days trying to articulate an answer. Click here to read more.

Creating Work-Life Balance - What if you could realize work-life balance immediately. Would you choose it? That’s how long it took for Rene’ Clements, CEO of Fort Collins-based Firefly Medical, Inc. to achieve it. As things got busier in her demanding position, Clements—in a single second—made the tough-but-important decision to maintain work-life balance through two “non-negotiable” practices. Click here to read more.
Too Old to Change? - “I’m too old to change careers.” I’ve heard this statement from people ranging in age from 35 – 70. So when exactly are you too old to change careers? The decision is rarely clear cut. But sometimes the universe provides the answer for you. Click here to read more.
Speed Up Career Change - Lately, Alana has been pretty busy. A few weeks ago she decided she wanted to launch a business where leading classes designed to help people get a clearer picture about what they wanted out of life. So Alana planned a workshop, advertised it through her network, found a few people to attend, and led it. But then she decided she didn’t want to do that after all. Click here to read more.

Create Your Own Job - Last week Marie came bouncing into my office bursting with news: “Guess what?”, she gushed. “One of the organizations I want to work for is adding a new position, and they’re writing the job description just for me!” Click here to read more.
Our Parents, Our Careers - Recently I talked with Laura, who in her 50’s, has successfully changed careers from librarian to freelance writer. “I’m having so much fun!” she told me. “I wish I’d made the switch a long time ago.” “So what held you back from doing it earlier?” I asked. She wasn’t sure, she told me, but a week later I received an email from her with the answer. “The only way I might have gotten into it earlier was by having someone around me who was making a living and loving it. My parents were mainly teachers…that’s probably why I became a librarian. I didn’t know any professional writers.” Click here to read more.

 Entrepreneurial Success - Thinking about starting your own business? Consider these insider’s tips for increasing your chances for success: Click here to read more.

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The Six Key Life Arenas

Extensive research has been done in the past decade in an attempt to define and determine just what it takes to be happy, content and fulfilled. While there is no one, single answer, experts have identified six different "life arenas" within which all the variables within our lives will fall...

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