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Keith Weber, CFP®, CPRC, and Rethinking Retirement are frequently mentioned in the news media and blogosphere.  Here are just a few or our most recent mentions.  Advisors Help with Ups and Downs of Modern Retirement

US News & World Report:  Pretirement - A New Stage of Life

FOX Business:  How my Retirement Went Missing

Newsweek: America's Financial Illiteracy Is Getting Worse

CNBC: Claiming Social Secuity Benefits Early

USAToday:  Retirement Location a Big Decision


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"How often do you get together with friends outside of work?"

Safe Withdrawal Rate

What is a "Safe" Withdrawal Rate?

One of the most important questions any of us must decide as we prepare for retirement is, "How much can I withdraw from my retirement savings accounts without depleting the balances and risk running out of money?" Whether you're already retired, in the final stages of preparing to retire, or a decade or more away, understanding how much income your accumulated investment assets can generate is critical to your long-term planning...

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