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Keith Weber, CFP®, CPRC, and Rethinking Retirement are frequently mentioned in the news media and blogosphere.  Here are just a few or our most recent mentions.  Advisors Help with Ups and Downs of Modern Retirement

US News & World Report:  Pretirement - A New Stage of Life

FOX Business:  How my Retirement Went Missing

Newsweek: America's Financial Illiteracy Is Getting Worse

CNBC: Claiming Social Secuity Benefits Early

USAToday:  Retirement Location a Big Decision


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"Who do you turn to for investment advice?"

Where to Invest Now

Human Capital vs. Financial Capital

It’s been said the financial markets don’t like uncertainty. But one thing that is certain is that with the market declines of the past decade or so many people have seen their planned retirement dates pushed further and further into the future...

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