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The following sites have information regarding leisure and lifestyle which you may find useful.  These sites are not related to and are provided for your convenience but do not constitute an endorsement. is a fun and interesting site that allows you to take a quiz that details your lifestyle preferences and then matches those with a number of communities throughout the country.  It's a great tool if you're looking to relocate but haven't yet found that perfect spot. is a great place to search for clubs and organizations in your area that share your interests.  This is not an online community, but rather an opportunity to meet real people and create lasting friendships.  Just enter your zip code and/or topic to instantly connect with others in your local area or around the country who share your passions. 



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"How many things on your "life list" have you accomplished?"

The Six Key Life Arenas

Extensive research has been done in the past decade in an attempt to define and determine just what it takes to be happy, content and fulfilled. While there is no one, single answer, experts have identified six different "life arenas" within which all the variables within our lives will fall...

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