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The following sites have information regarding physical health, maintaining mental acuity and life-long learning which you may find useful.  These sites are not related to and are provided for your convenience but do not constitute an endorsement.

From Apple, i-Tunes University offers free classes, seminars and podcasts from top-rated universities across the country on a variety of topics.  Click the link to the left to be directed to the i-Tunes University homepage.


Posit Science is a San Francisco based company that believes the brain, like any other muscle, can be improved and strengthened with exercise.  As such, they have developed tools and programs to help individuals improve their cognitive performance.


WebMD provides information and tools for managing your health, as well as support to those who seek information. focuses on “Brain Fitness for Life” with a variety of games designed by neurologists and neuroscientists to help people of any age learn, while improving focus, attention and mental acuity.

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"Who do you turn to for investment advice?"

Where to Invest Now

Human Capital vs. Financial Capital

It’s been said the financial markets don’t like uncertainty. But one thing that is certain is that with the market declines of the past decade or so many people have seen their planned retirement dates pushed further and further into the future...

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