Rethinking Retirement  

Personal Development

The following sites have information regarding personal development which you may find useful.  These sites are not related to and are provided for your convenience but do not constitute an endorsement.

AARP - Personal Growth - AARP provides a number of wonderful resources that demonstrate no matter how old you are, it's never too late to continue to grow and learn.

International Coach Federation - The ICF provides information on what coaching is, how you can benefit from it, how to select a coach, what type of coach would be best based on what you want to accomplish, and even a referral source to help you find a coach.

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"Are you, or do you plan on, working in retirement?"

Where to Invest Now

Human Capital vs. Financial Capital

It’s been said the financial markets don’t like uncertainty. But one thing that is certain is that with the market declines of the past decade or so many people have seen their planned retirement dates pushed further and further into the future...

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