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The Ideal Personality

By Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D.
"Anything the human mind can believe, the human mind can achieve." This statement was written by Napoleon Hill over 60 years ago, in a little book entitled, "Grow Rich!--With Peace of Mind."
The first step in believing anything is to formulate an idea in your mind.   All human-made aspects of this world first existed as an idea or vision in somebody's mind.   The character traits of the visionary determine the manifestation of the vision. Having a vision of what you want to have, experience or create, is critical to making anything happen in the future.   With that in mind, I want to share with you a vision of the ideal human personality.   Perhaps any given individual will never develop all these characteristics.   It is, however an "idea-l" toward which we might grow.
The ideal person is most fully described by Hill in that same book cited above.   Here then is a list of characteristics adapted from Hill, describing the ideal personality. Do you have...?
*  Self-understanding which reveals your true nature as well as your own great personal powers.
*  Sound physical, mental and emotional health.
*  Complete mastery of every type of fear, including the fear of death.
*  Genuine benevolence toward others and compassion for their problems and difficulties.
*  Hope, faith, persistence and courage to succeed in obtaining any positive objective.
*  Endurance enough to overcome all obstacles blocking you from attaining your desired outcome.
* Self-discipline to give you complete mastery over yourself and to do what you know is right even when you don't feel like it.
* Ever-growing wisdom to accurately evaluate all realities.
* Patience with adversities and the growth of yourself and others.
* Tolerance toward everyone in a true spirit of love and acceptance.
* Freedom from worry, anxiety, and chronic tension.
* A keen understanding of the value of time and the preciousness of the immediate moment.
* Freedom from all self-destructive and self-defeating vices.
* A spirit of generosity and energy that attracts friendly cooperation.
* The ability to learn and profit from past mistakes, and quickly refocus on an improved future.
* "A listening ear, a silent tongue, a faithful heart, a keen sense of loyalty."
* A deep and abiding love of truth.
* A great capacity for effective communication.
* Immunity to all actions of evil and toxic people.
* Freedom from all learned negativity.
* A true understanding of the over-all purpose of your life, and a tremendous ability to choose to live in harmony with that purpose.
Use the above vision of the ideal person as a guide.   Like navigators at sea use the stars to guide their journeys, use these characteristics as a guide for your own journey in life.   Navigators never reach the stars.   You may never reach these ideal traits. Their value lies in their position in your daily living.   Make daily choices that are supportive of the development of these characteristics within you, while you use them as guides for your activities.
Keep your mind focused on these ideas describing the Idea-l, and you have accomplished the first critical step in creating them within your own personality.   Remember, what your mind believes, it can achieve.
Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D. has 30+ years experience as a Life Coach and Licensed Psychologist. He is available for personal life coaching and can be contacted at (970) 568-0173 or E-mail: or

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